Select and accurately distribute random objects?

Hi everyone -

I’m starting to look into how I can use Grasshopper to randomly (and semi-randomly) distribute objects, such as books and other items on a bookshelf, table settings, etc.

FYI I’d like to create as much as possible procedurally.

For now, as an example, I’d like to have a set of objects - for example three shapes - and distribute them on shelves, and also repeat the shelves, such as stacks in a library.

I’ve seen Random Reduce, though I think I’m getting thrown off by the name :wink:

Can anyone suggest a good way of doing this or tutorials for randomly selecting from a pre-determined group of objects?


3 shapes on the left randomly populate a 10 x 3 grid of points. I’m using Pufferfish plugins ‘Move to Point’ component and using the area center of each shape to move to one of the 30 points. You might want to spend a bit more time and obtain a point at the base/bottom of the shape instead. (13.9 KB)

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