SelColor unknown command Rhino 2.0

I have Rhino 2.0. Just tried to use the SelColor command from the selection icon menu and I get an “Unknown Command” on the command line.

Known issue? Workaround? Download plugin, etc?


I don’t have RH2 installed on my PC at the moment - does the help file mention the command? If not, it’s likely that it was added later.

Known workarounds include manually selecting the objects you want and upgrading to a more recent version. There might be other workarounds that I’m not aware of.

Wow, Rhino 2.0 is 15 years old. Are you planning to upgrade?


Wonder if OPs username is related to this :wink:


This is working in V2 SR3.

Not sure if installing the latest Service Release would help…
Are there other commands that do not work?


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Thank you, Charles. I have Service Release 3 installed, but no
functionality. Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.