Section properties calculator


I work for a company that uses Rhino and I I need to be able to calculate the section properties of some structural members i.e. elastic and plastic modulus and second moment of area.
I was wondering if there was any feature in Rhino that could do that. I tried to see if there was anything available in Rhino websites but I couldn’t find anything although I don’t have a lot of experience with Rhino.

Thank you for your help

Are Area, AreaCentroid and AreaMoments of any use?

A planar outline curve and be converted to a surface by PlanarSrf

Help describes commands

Thank you for your reply.

I will have a look at these commands.
So you don’t think there is any plug-in that could do that automatically, I would have to do the calculations by hand from the coordinates or the centroid and the areas, right?
Do you recommend to take cross sections of the structural members and convert that into surfaces?

The commands may work with closed curves.

You could experiment and see if the results work for you.

Ok, it seems to be working with surfaces that have holes in them too.
I think AreaMoments gives me most of the information I need to get the section modulus by hand.
It should work this way then, I’ll post another message if I get stuck but thank you for your help.