Seanaptic v2.1 - Parametric Ship Structures Plugin

Supercharge the preliminary ship design with Seanaptic v2.1, the parametric marine structure plugin for Rhino3D packed with advanced modelling automation algorithms, now compatible with Rhino6.

Obtain significant time saving on weight and centre of gravity calculations, space assessments, FEA pre-processing, optimizations, exports to other production engineering systems.

Try free for 90 days. Free for students and universities. Major discounts for small design studios and freelancers.

Download Seanaptic on food4Rhino…

Posted Nov 04, 2018 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.

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Looks like Express marine, same plugin new name?

I tried installing it but it shows an error.
I am using Version 6 SR18

Both sites are updated recently, so I guess it is Competition