Scroll dimension properties glitch

Potentially relevant to above.

Scrolling through dim properties with mouse wheel will apply scrolling through values too if mouse cursor is over them. It also causes weird selection glitch where dim would show selected (green here) while not being actually selected.

Hello - my guess is this is a different thing but it looks wrong here - thanks for the report.
(@Asterisk did I describe it accurately as far as it goes? I am not sure I see the selection part so far here)


If you scroll over the values they will change, but won’t apply unless you click inside one of the value boxes. The rest is correct.

It’s not a huge deal, it’s just sometimes when you’re scrolling through that window you can accidentally change the values and not notice.

Also, note how after a bunch of scrolling I’m trying to deselect the dim - it still is green (our selected color), but not in fact selected.

Yes, exactly, this seems like a very bad thing to me - what if the mouse is over Length factor…?

So, I see the value change, and be applied, if in scrolling the panel, my mouse happens to also be over a number field, so I get scrolling and value changing, both… yuk.