Scripting new FEM elements in Karamba3D

Hello All,

I did this question a few years ago and this was still not possible, but it is there a chance that now Karamba3D allows FEM elements implementation with my own stiffness matrices?

I really wanted to implement composite shells inside Karamba and also line hinges for Cross Laminated Timber analysis.

Best Regards,

Hello Márcio,
at the moment this is not possible.
One option would be a plug-in mechanism so that external routines could supply the stiffness matrix for each layer of a composite shell element. Would this be practical for you?

Hm, I think I got the idea. You are saying to write a plug-in that generates multiple shell elements with the same mesh but with difererent orientations and excentricities? Thats sounds a good idea, I will give a try and benchmark with RFEM composite module!