Script to select all curve object

Hi All,

Does anyone know how I can write script to select all curve object in rhinoscriptsyntax?

Thank you.

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
crvs=rs.ObjectsByType(4, True)
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don’t know if this is useful, but under aliases I created a quick single key that invokes selcrv.

Hi Robb,

Thank you for reply.
You mean that you created some script which can select all curve?

there’s a command that selects all curves. it’s SelCrv

you don’t have to make a script to do this in rhino since it’s already built in… if you want it in a script, do what helveltosaur has shown… or you can make it an alias as Robb is saying.

I think

rs.Command( '_SelCrv' )

should work too

If you want a list of only selectable (normal) curve ID’s, set state to 1:

rs.ObjectsByType(4, True, 1)

Rhino IronPython Help (5 SR12) states that the default, 0, returns objects at all states, but it actually doesn’t include hidden ones. Use 7 for all states.

Hi Jeff,

I understand what you and Robb meant.
Thank you for your explanation!