Script for generating G-code is giving an incomplete list for E values

Hi Everyone,

I have been using the script attached to write gcode for 3D printing. I am having an issue with the the E (extrusion) value. The E value needs to consistently increase so that the printer continues to extrude material. However, in the script, the E value stops increasing after line 2400 in the code. There are 4857 lines of code, so the second half of the file with no extrusion is not printed. Can anybody please help me to understand why this might be happening?

Thank you!

typical base.3dm (111.7 KB)

It’s because you’re only supplying the concat component with about 2400 unique values for E.

Yes you’re right, but the length component value only supplies 2400 values. The values from 2400 to 4857 only show after the concentrate component is run. I don’t know how or where to supply E values to those additional numbers?

Thank you