Script files to load when Rhino starts

Hi Steve.

I opened that issue at github. Sorry for duplicating it with already present ones.

  1. There is no specific reason, at least from my side. I just wanted to run some small script which will add text string to the document, then explode it to curves. Like “Merry Christmas” or something similar. Just a play-around really.
  2. Adding the folder where Rhino startup .py is located to the “Module Search Paths” (inside of Rhino Python Editor) and then adding the name of that specific Rhino startup .py to Rhino Command list (_-RunPythonScript “”) worked perfectly.
    I also checked the option with supplying the full path, instead of adding the folder location to “Module Searc Paths” - it worked too.
    Just like Mitch explained.

Ok, thanks. I’m not going to make any changes with respect to python and start-up scripts then.

Pascal is this something that can be called outside of Rhino?

I would like to run a startup script that populates the user’s Grasshopper template directory field with a server location. This way the user would always have the latest Grasshopper template upon starting Rhino.

The reason I’d like to call this outside of Rhino is so that the script is automatically referenced within the Rhino Options > RhinoScript > Startup field upon the user’s installation of Rhino.

If I can’t let me know what you suggest, for example I could make a toolbar button using Rhino.AddStartupScript() to take care of this.

A use case could be to register an alias.
So when Rhino starts up a command is registered that can call the script.
Like in this rvb file:

Hi pascal,
how would I add every script from a specific folder?

Hi @phillip,

Create a script that allows you to select a folder. Then iterate all the files in the folder and added the .rvb files to the list of scripts to load at start using Rhino.AddStartupScript.

– Dale

Could someone walk me down the process of adding a python script to rhino (loading it at startup) and then assigning a shortcut to the said python script. I mean, is this possible with Rhino 5 (for windows)? I’m aware there is a wish/effort to combine .rvb and .py scripts at start-up in rhino 6 but I was just curious, thanks. Or a relevant blog post would be very useful as well. Thank you, noob out.

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It’s not possible to add python scripts to your startup scripts like you can with .rvb’s.

You can make it work like this:

  1. Put the script somewhere on your hard drive.
  2. Create an alias to the script ! _-RunPythonScript "full-path-to-script-file"
  3. Put the alias you just created in your startup commands (not scripts) in Options>General

The script should run every time you start Rhino then.

HTH, --Mitch

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Mitch, thanks for the prompt response. One more thing to clear, does this process load the script to be recalled later during the session and attach aliases to it? I’m doubtful but hopeful :slight_smile: anyhow my follow-up question is if you have these scripts in .rvb format then? Thank you!

No, but you did that manually in step 2. So if you type the alias at any time the script will run. --Mitch

Oh I see got it, thank you breaking it down, have a good one.

Any idea why this there isn’t an easier way in Rhino to create aliases for python scripts? Most users I deal with prefer keyboard commands rather than buttons.

It’s not all that hard… Yes, it would be easier to drag and drop, but having set a path to the scripts folder (once) in the editor, all you need to do is throw the script file into that folder and then make your alias.

Your help is much appreciated!

Here is some complete info…

It looks like a lot, but it’s only a couple minutes for the initial setup of the paths.

Mine looks like this:

Call StartUp()
Sub StartUp()
Call ClearStartUp()
Rhino.AddStartUpScript “PATH\TO\MY\FOLDER_StartUp.RVB”
Call AddStartupScript()

End Sub

Function ClearStartUp()

Dim intCount, arrPaths, strPath

intCount = Rhino.StartupScriptCount

If intCount > 0 Then

	arrPaths = Rhino.StartupScriptList

	For Each strPath In arrPaths



End If

End Function

Function AddStartupScript()

Dim fso, f, f1, fc, s
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set fc = f.Files
For Each f1 In fc
	s = f & "\" & 
	Rhino.AddStartupScript s

End Function