Scientific Journals/Magazines


(Miguel Villegas Ballesta) #1

Suggestions for Journals/Magazines in wich to try to get ones research regarding computational architectural design published? (Ah, modern academia)


I’ve searched for papers before; never found anything in a title search; though I probably didn’t construct my search with the right specificity and/or there was no papers in my area of interest…

Your local university and/or architecture professor should be able to get you started…

Please let us know if you find anything

(Miguel Villegas Ballesta) #3

There are a few related to the topic, but I was trying to get the focus on “get ones research published”…


There is Automation in Construction and CumInCad

(Thomas Wortmann) #5

International Journal of Architectural Computing
Design Studies
Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing

are the ones I’ve published in.
Personally, I suggest submitting to a conference first, it’s easier (ACADIA, eCAADe, CAADRIA, CADFutures, etc.).

(Miguel Villegas Ballesta) #6

Thanks! These I already had in mind. Was the process difficult with the review?
I already got selected papers for a couple conferences (even read at one) but the “task” this year is to get published…

(Thomas Wortmann) #7

Design Studies was the most difficult. But it really depends on the quality of the research, as well as on the “fit” with the journals’ aims and topics.