Scan&Solve beta released

The Scan&Solve Pro beta for performing structural simulation is now released. The Scan&Solve WIP has graduated to become a beta.

Try now while it is free for all Rhino users. Download…

To learn more try the introductory free webinar on August 16th. The webinar will demonstrate how bonded assemblies of components may be simulated using multiple materials. The webinar covers the basics of setting up simulations, selecting materials, applying boundary conditions, and interpreting results. Advanced topics include specifying orientation for orthotropic materials, mixing restraint types, and editing the material database.

What: Webinar debuting the beta release of Scan&Solve Pro
When: August 16, Tuesday, 11 am CST

Posted Aug 15, 2016 by Sandy McNeel on Rhino News, etc.

Aw, I wish I could afford a copy of that. : (
(Looks down. Scuffs foot.)


Get the beta now while you can. I got the very first version a long time ago and got the 'early adopter' discount and am glad I did. Not sure what the upgrade is going to run though. They just did an excellent webinar on the Pro.