SaveAs PDF not scriptable


Is there by any chance to make SaveAs scriptable for PDF?

As shown above, even with script mode, there still pops up a dialog to confirm, which blocks any possibilities to automate the process.

There has been discussions to use print method and use the speical bullzip printer. But it would be optimal to avoid that because I am sure the default Rhino printer could already make perfect PDFs and not everyone would install a printer for a plugin.

I’ve been bearing this issue way from rhino 5 to rhino 7 and yet not much has changed… Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Chen - does




Hi Pascal, -_Print does work on some external printers but not RhinoPDF printer, which also has a blocking dialog. I guess essentially SaveAs PDF is printing a PDF using RhinoPDF? If that can be solved it would be also great.

Ah, I see - on Go, there is a file dialog - that seems like a bug in the -Print workflow for sure.


Hi Pascal, thanks for confirming. Is there a chance that this would be fixed in upcoming releases?


You can use python to script exporting to pdf.