RunPythonScript, choose interpreter to IronPython 2 Rhino8

Hey there,

I want to use the RhinoCAM plug-in and wrote a python script to create g-code when executing this script. In the editor everything works fine. If I type

_RunPythonScript <Filepath> _Enter

in the commandline the error
no module named mecsoftcamapi occurse.
At the beginning of the script is the first line

#! python2

Is there a way to change the interpreter to IronPython2 when using the command _RunPythonScript??

Thanks in advance.

how does this solve my problem that the _-RunPythonScript uses the Python3 interpreter??
The command should use IronPython 2 that I can use the RhinoCam plug-in

I thought RhinoPython was still IronPython2, and Python 3 was only usable from Grasshopper.

Perhaps the problem is that Rhino is failing to find your script, or your script is failing to find mecsoftcamapi ? What have you set the module search path to?

I solved the problem. Not the interpreter is the problem. As James Parrott said the module mecsoftcamapi was not found. I did not know that the _EditPythonScript editor is different to the _ScriptEditor. I had to enable the searchpath to the module in the _EditPythonScript editor too…