Running Grasshopper in the background

Hello everyone,

I want to external access to Grasshopper using C# programming language. Currently I can do this using the Rhino.Inside library. However, I want to Grasshopper processes to run in the background, in other word, I don’t want to see Grasshopper’s screen when it opens. I could not solve this problem by using GrasshopperPlayer as there are 2 Grasshopper pages that do interconnected operations. How can I run Grasshopper in the background?

Thanks for your help.

Any news about it?
Thank you

Have you tried Rhino.Compute? The easiest way to get started is to install Hops via the package manager. This will automatically start an instance of Rhino.Compute in the background every time you start Grasshopper. From there you can have it solve Grasshopper definitions or hit other SDK endpoints. I might recommend starting by reviewing this guide. Rhino - What is Hops

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