Running commands in iRhino3D WIP

iRhino3D WIP (8.0.23123 (11.1.1) - May 3) available via Testflight has a CommandLine

This is an unfinished feature with some known issues and many unknown ones. It may also crash on you unexpectedly, so use at your own risk :slight_smile:

For serious work, always use the Appstore version of iRhino3D.

Enabling The CommandLine
The command line is hidden by default (for good reasons). Here’s how you can enable it:

  1. Tap the gear icon on the bottom right corner to go to Settings panel
  2. Go to Extra tab
  3. Enable CommandLine
  4. You should now see a keyboard icon on the top right corner

Running Commands

  • Tapping the keyboard icon brings up a keyboard with an integrated command field where you can type a command.

  • You can run the command by tapping the return key or one of the suggestions.

  • While a command is in progress, following controls are presented:

    1. Finish or Cancel the command.
    2. Toggle Grid Snap and OSnaps (OSnaps currently have no effect)
    3. Open command options panel


Cool! It would be a neat feature to allow importing aliases from Rhino for quicker command access. Looking forward to seeing this develop :slight_smile:


Be warned; this is extremely early WIP stuff. We have a ways to go just to get what we have feeling anywhere close to good.


When typing the commands, it would be cool to be able to scroll throught the suggestions. Currently, this does not seem to be possible on the iPhone version

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Great suggestion, logged here:

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