Run script from Windows command prompt with open Rhino

I can run scripts at startup with Rhino.exe /runscript="-command -secondCommand" (

However, I would like to run scripts from the Windows’ command prompt without starting Rhino everytime.

It might sounds like a weird idea, the reason behind all of this being that I need to control everything from a Python script (thus Rhino is currently called using

If you do not at all to start Rhino, but use its geometry computation you can use CPython3.x modules rhino3dm and compute-rhino3d

Seems to be exactly (or almost) what I was looking for! Thank you!

However, it does not recognize the command rhino3dm.File3dm(). How do I open an existing Rhino 3dm file?

model = rhino3dm.File3dm()
model.Write("Point.3dm", 0)

I assume since there’s model.Write(), there’s also model.Read() :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Search the forums there are probably plenty examples.

doc = rhino3dm.File3dm.Read(path_to_3dm)

Got it! Thanks very much @stevebaer and @ivelin.peychev!