Run python script on Mac from command line

Hello guys,
I really have a problem of running python script from Terminal.
I have navigated to the /Applications/ folder. But the command line below is giving me error like
"The document “” could not be opened. Rhinoceros cannot open files in the “Python Source” format."

my command line is:
./Rhinoceros /runscript=’_-RunPythonScript /Users/local/Desktop/’ /Users/local/Desktop/test.3dm

this command line works fine on Windows. Can anyone help me to make it run on Mac??

Thank you very much!!

Hi @dashan.wang01,

Rhino for Mac does not yet support the same command-line parameters as Rhino for Windows. Thus, you are not going to be able to launch Rhino and run a script.

– Dale

Thank you dale. If Rhino for mac can run script, it will be perfect

FYI only: I broke this request out into RH-47608, because it is more specific than RH-42377 was. Still working on this one…more to come soon.

Hi @dashan.wang01-

A little slow in the making…

In the latest RhinoWIP, it’s now possible to launch Rhino for Mac with a -runscript command-line argument.

Better late than never, I hope.