Rs.OffsetCurve() Bug?

Hi All

rs.OffsetCurve(crv, pt, dist, (0,0,1), style=3)

I am trying to offset a curve lying in an arbitrary plane. But the curve should be offset in xy plane. The normal for the xy plane I give to the function is ignored and instead the curve is offset in the arbitrary plane it lies in.

Can anybody confirm this?


Hi Silvano- I cannot make it work either- thanks for the report.


Has this bug been Fixed? I’ve noticed the same problem where the normal is ignored. I saw Steve posted only a few weeks ago that things hadn’t been looked at yet. Sure would be nice to get OffsetCurve working again.


As far as I can see the bug is still open.


We’re looking at it…

Any progress on this?
I saw that you guys had a bunch of discussion a year ago in the bugtracker, but the issue still isn’t solved. I can understand if you are going to just wait for Rhino 6 but the issue is still in the WIP.

Based upon where you guys got is there possibly a work-around I could use in the interim through rhino common?