Rounding numbers

I have a list of small numbers that I want rounded to 1 and -1, but not 0. Is there a setting I should be changing or should I use math to do it?

It depends a little on your initial setup, but this could be a possibility:

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Tolerance could also be a thing talking about small numbers

my fault for not mentioning, but I’m working with sets, so even though it works, it ends up making it all the same number :frowning:

assuming you didn’t change the default range of your Random components, by pluggin the output of a Random to the Range of the new Random, your just generate smaller numbers (the max values you get from the second Random are the values output from the first Random: when you plug a value X as domain, it’s considered to be “0 to X” )

at that point if you use a Rounding to 0 / 1, you will certainly have a neat prevalence of zeroes

but you -maybe- can multiply by 10^x and see if it’s an odd or even number? it might be, but it’s a patch to a patch :slight_smile:

Only those 2 possible outputs/cases?
It’s a boolean then:
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2021-05-06 01_09_12-Window