Round the Edges of the Mesh

Hello friends

How can I round the length of the edges of the mesh so that the mesh shape does not deform.

1.999975 => 2
1.83115 => 1.8

Round the Edges of the (15.4 KB)

Round the Edges of the (16.0 KB)

obviously changing the edge lengths does change the shape of the mesh though!


Hi @DanielPiker

Can the E1 edge be fixed and the E2 edges move?

Yes, if you want to keep them fixed, used anchors. If you want to keep them on the ground plane but let them move around, use AnchorXYZ.
There will be trade-off between how close you can stay to the original shape and the values you allow the lengths to snap to. For example, using a ‘Factor’ input of 0.05 means you have more different edge lengths, but stay closer to the original geometry.

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Does this method not work for triangular meshes?

Round the Edges of the (26.0 KB)

Yes, it works for triangular meshes, but your mesh there has some extremely short edges. Clean it up first with AlignVertices.

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