Rotation Wish - previous center of rotation


i am in procces of try/fail in “rotate” command and if there would be a Previous option for “center of rotation” that would save alot of time for me. Now i have to zoom to the location to see something, then guess a degree for the procces and if it fails i need to zoom out to select rotation center again. it is complicated because i am rotating a couple of surface points to modify my surface to intersect with another one resulting a good intersection curvature.

thank you.

i can make a cplane for that center of rotation and just type “0” but i rather not.

Second this.
Could also be achieved with an old feature request to have an ‘endpoint of’ osnap that behaves like the autocad endsnap, where you pick a line and snap to its nearest end…

@Blastered, @cairn - this option is in V6 WIP.