Rotation problems

Perhaps I am too contrarian, but for me the scaling of the thorns near the center strikes me as being too “natural” - we see this sort of structure in nature all the time. I prefer keeping everything the same size:

This gives a much more un-natural look that I think makes sense for computationally defined objects and structures.

“You pays your money and takes your choice.” <== quote from the (very) old Snuffy Smith comic strip. (31.5 KB)

:rofl: I haven’t looked at your GH file but isn’t that what I did yesterday in version ’ Aug14d’?

When I did the spiral (version ‘Aug14e’) where points are closer together near the center, scaling was required rather than artistic. Like it is in the natural world. :wink:

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isn’t that what I did yesterday in version ’ Aug14d’?

Indeed it is. For some reason I missed seeing that - probably by not scrolling back far enough.

The teal group at the bottom creates “spiral arms” as branches by selecting every third item with Series starting at 0, 1 and 2.


Wow, I’m also a GH noob and this is some wild stuff! Really appreciate the 3D printing links too. Many of these patterns remind me of the old Spirograph drawing ‘toy’.