Rotating Pattern

Tried to use attractor curve but not getting the same output! Please help!

This is my script!

revolving (21.9 KB)

You forgot to upload your file, @piks09!

Uploaded now!

I’ve highlighted the changes made to your file. The result still isn’t quite as interesting as in your reference images, but that might just be due to the use of a curve attractor.
The original design might be driven by something else, like for instance some kind of image map, where the colour values would have been mapped to the rotation angle.
Either way, I hope this helps you out a little and please remember that it’s always beneficial to provide a file around here, if you are looking for advice.

revolving bricks (13.9 KB)


Here’s another version where the rotation of the individual bricks is defined by the black and white values of an image.

revolving bricks (130.6 KB)
revolving bricks 3 (26.0 KB)

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Thank you so much for taking out the time to help me with this. Much appreciated.

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