Rotate Background or HDRI (bitmap): basic scene lighting in VRAY

How do you rotate the environment or background around the “z-axis” of your scene? I don’t want to rotate the model, rather the lighting from the HDRI or background around it.

When I try to rotate the background, or loaded bitmap, the rotation is around one of the horizontal, x or y axes (using cartesian coordinates). I’m still a beginner at getting basic scene lighting.



It depends on what you understand as Z-axis of the model. Is this the celestial Z (against the direction of the gravity) or perpendicular to the screen ?
There are three axis around which you can rotate - 2 in “Texture Placement” and 1 in “2d transformation”.

Furthermore you can rotate the widget in Rhino if “Use Transform” is checked

Dear Nikolay,

This is very helpful. Thank you. To answer your question, my “Z-axis” is the celestial one, against the direction of gravity. That is my primary desire for rotation. Again, I’m just a beginner and learning how to set up basic lighting. I do retail fixtures that are used in shopping centers so that’s the environment.