ROB|ARCH 2016 conference

The ROB|ARCH 2016 conference (Sidney,14-19 March 2016) offers a unique and dynamic hands-on experience of cutting-edge robotic technologies with application for the design, architectural and creative industries. In a series of workshops, you can engage with live robots and observe robots working with each other. It will bring together architects, artists, designers, fabricators and industry leaders and act as a platform for researchers and industry to exchange expertise, explore methods, compare techniques and forge new connections.

ROB|ARCH 2016 will advance the discourse surrounding robotic fabrication and creative robotics in the theme “Trajectories” – towards the integration of human-robot interactions informed by sensor input and real time feedback in diverse environmental conditions.

Rob|Arch2016, is hosted by The University of Sydney, working alongside Partnering Universities: The University of NSW, Bond University, RMIT, University of Technology Sydney and Monash University.


Posted Dec 28, 2015 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.