Roar with Panther

Panther—The first Rhino and Grasshopper plug-in to fulfill your ultimate design needs in just a few clicks. A new era of jewelry design brings intelligent models ready for user interaction anytime. Adjust your settings from any part of the model and it will be completely readjusted without compromising your design. Plus, it removes the repetitive tasks and skips the obvious modeling steps. Yet it’s always available with a complete description of the materials used within your design to prepare to manufacture or help the sale.

Panther combines the most versatile jewelry builders with an interactive gallery bringing premeditated parts to go into construction of the final piece. The software controls the most accurate adjustments to the weight, measures, number of gems, gem sizes, and everything else involved. Finally, it provides you with the perfect rendering for display.

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Posted Dec 02, 2019 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.

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