RiR GH components - inconsistency

I found some inconsistency which causes some troubles to understand how RiR GH components work. Can it be done different or one must remember what should be translated into text and what not?

You can see that in order to use Find Similar Member component to search in Document.Categories you need to convert its output to the text. Later on, when we want to select ElementType.ByName it only accepts straight input from the filtered (or not filtered) Document.Categories and not the text.

inconsistency.gh (9.4 KB)

Hi Jakub,

Doing a conversion from Text to ElemenType may be ambiguous.
Look at your sample you are trying to convert the text ‘Revit Category “Columns”’ to an ElemenType. The first is a Category element description text and you are expecting an ElemenType as a result, this conversion use to be confusing. So I avoided it.

When you are using Find similar member you should tell this component wich aspect do you want to consider in order to tell, two categories, in that case, are similar.
In other words you need to tell this component what category aspect should be used to compare.
In your case seams, you want to compare by name. In that case, I would recommend you using Category.Decompose to extract the name, the result of the Find similar element will be more accurate.

I attached a modified version of your definition that illustrates this.
inconsistency.gh (18.0 KB)

So, as I understand it, Document.Categories outputs more data, and Panel only extracts part of it (category names as a text), Find Similar Member can’t do it, so it is not processed correctly further.
I will use Category.Decompose then.

I feel like RiR has quite a big “custom handy tiny clusters” potential.

Thanks for clarifying that.