Ripple complex

Hi, greetings
I’m trying to make a surface with several ripple effects, i made a script and result isn’t so bad. I think there’s two things that need to change.
first: adding decay to waves
second: controlling wave height in each points
I will appreciate if you help me in this project.
thank you for helping.
Ripple table

Ripple dining (36.6 KB)

WOW, you excited me.
Thanks for sharing script, it gives a whole different result but its awesome.
I keep playing with it.


Not sure this is helpful to you or not?

The Gh is on the Youtube page. You can add more ripple points by copying an existing section.
Its in mesh… so if you want to convert to NURBs, you might need to add a Quadremesh component.


Thanks for the script.
It’s awesome, I made my desired model by using your script and i’m happy with it.

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