Ring of Change (with limits)

Searched but not finding. Looking for GH examples related to modeling the change that occurs throughout a ring of nodes-&-struts when changing the location of one of the nodes. (each node is mechanically limited as shown in drawing) Easy to manipulate physical model. Looks complex in GH! How to begin? Possible to build an interactive model in GH?

Something like this could be solved with for instance with an assembly of discreet parts. The Wasp plug-in would be a good match for the task. Somebody asked about this before, but I couldn’t find the thread.

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The approach you want is not fully defined for me…
Anyway, Kangaroo can help. Drag around the nodes to achieve the shape you want.
Ring of Change 0.1.gh (28.6 KB)


i assume it might also be something the new constraints could handle at least when it is about keeping the same length, not sure about rotating aspects of each joint.

You have no idea how helpful this is! If willing to add the capability of changing the location of the node along the along the length of the stick, let me know. (I can pay something for this.) Contact me.

Can you fully define from start to end how you imagine the workflow? In detail.

Here’s a quick sketch done with Wasp.


It’s still far from perfect.

Thanks for the Wasp example!
Watched one of his training videos. Now thinking Kangaroo is best at modeling the mechanical movements and interactions that occur throughout the whole ring. Riccardo helping too.
Thanks Again