Rigid body error /Beam-/Frame structure

Hi everybody
For my master thesis I am try to model a conceptual structural system of a garage building in Grasshopper and Karamba, where the ramps should become structural parts of the system.

In Grasshopper i modelled the whole structure in sort of frame structure with beams and tributaries line loads. Now I wanted to generate new beams in the middle section along the garage and when i plug it in to generate the karamba model the “error rigid body” comes up.

I see this is a common issue and I already read up on some other topics, but i didnt found the solution to solve my problem.

Maybe somebody know the solution to my problem :slight_smile:

Please note that I am new to karamba and my script is very messy
Garage_Grasshopper - Modul2.gh (80.8 KB) Garage_Grasshopper - Modulwith columns.gh (94.0 KB)

Hi @martinvi,

Karamba keeps the data structure of your input geometries, therefore if you do not want to maintain this, make sure to flatten your inputs. The connected parts component shows multiple that parts of your geometry are not connected properly (when there are more than one branch in your list)