Rhinoscriptsyntax without rhino possible?


I try to use the rhinoscriptsyntax library in another program, namely unreal-engine. Is it possible to do so?

I downloaded the library from here: https://github.com/mcneel/rhinoscriptsyntax

I’ve pasted the following folders:

  • C:\Python27\Lib\rhinoscript
    ----- init.py
    ----- …
  • C:\Python27\Lib\rhinoscriptsyntax
    ----- [rhinoscript]
    ----- [samples]
    ----- [tests]
    ----- scriptcontext.py

But my python-interpreter in unreal-engine, based on C (CPython) cannot import the library, can someone explain or help me out on this?

rhinoscriptsyntax is simply an IronPython wrapper around RhinoCommon, so no, not really. That said, you might have more luck with the recent Python interop developments presented here:

And documented here:


Alright, I’ll take a look, thanks for the superquick reply!

What are you hoping to do with this? Are you hoping to manipulate existing geometry in unreal for use in unreal?

My initial idea was to import a 3dm file and manipulate it within unreal, my usecase would be:

importing a profile I’ve drawn in rhino, getting it into unreal as a base for a procedural-mesh, so I don’t have to import meshes into the engine, but create them right there and are able to manipulate the objects in realtime.

I’ve installed rhino3dm.py package right now and it’s really nice, if I’ve got it working in the engine, I’m coming back letting you know if it works.

Also rhino.inside looks super promising.

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I’m also writing them into the IFC-scheme, that part is already working thaks to IfcOpenShell

yeah, rhino3dm from within unreal, ha!

pretty cool stuff


Hah, that’s awesome :clap:

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