Rhinoscriptsyntax PopupMenu() bug - incorrect position with 4K screens

rs.PopupMenu() is supposed to pop up under the cursor position if no optional position argument is supplied.

I have a desktop with two HD (1920 x 1200) monitors (extended desktop), and it works correctly:

However, on my laptop with a 4K screen (225% scaling, 250 is recommended) it is far from correct…

Somehow, this is not being interpreted correctly in this case

screen_point = System.Windows.Forms.Cursor.Position

It may be that the display scaling is causing the problem, but as this is common on 4K screen setups, it does need to work.

You can run this code to test if you like (under a button or from the script editor)

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
cl=["egg", "bacon", "sausage", "baked beans", "spam"]

This is happening in both V6 and the current V7 Beta (to me anyway)

Can anyone with a 4K screen confirm this is a general problem and not just in my installation?

Hi Mitch, I don’t have that problem here.

Hey Alain,
OK, what might be causing this then? Do you have a display scaling set on your 4K screen?

I’m not sure. My display is scaled. I’ll ask someone who may know more about this.