RhinoScript - Move overlapping text boxes

Hi All, I come across a frustrating issue when preparing plans for busy and complex sites where a lot of elevation annotations start to overlap. This is usually approached with a manual process of observing the overlapping and moving to another location near by. It turn into a very long winded task!

I would have though some sort of nesting script could work for this type of scenario.

Is anyone aware of a rhino/python script that could automate the process to move text objects to remove overlapping? I couldn’t see much online discussing this issue, so though I would out a call out here.

Many thanks in advance,

I think this could be done in Grasshopper using Kangaroo.

Would you be able to provide a file with a few overlapping texts?

annotations.gh (30.9 KB)

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Many thanks for the Grasshopper option @martinsiegrist, when I have some time later this week I will have to test it out.


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