Rhinoscript "Command" function - Automatically pass input without user intervention

I want to use certain Rhino commands, which are not available in Rhinoscriptsyntax in my script.

For example, I have downloaded a plugin which allows user to set notes to objects using a command “SetObjectNotes”. After running this command in Rhino, it asks the user to select object and then a box pops up where the user can type in the note.

I want to automate this process in a script, where I can run Rhino.Command("_SetObjectNotes" … after which i want to pass in the object ID and then the text to be added.

Similar to this I want to try other commands too where I can pass in ObjectID or some other parameter when User input is prompted.

Thanks in advance


FWIW: many if not most Rhino native command have a hyphened version
this allows for user input at the commandline through a macro and as such can be scripted
( try Command: -SaveAs vs Command: SaveAs)

However I think for plugins you rely on the plugin make to provide Commandline input, you could ask the plugin maker if these options exist


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Hello - Willem is correct - setObjectNotes is a script compiled into a plug-in, and not a Rhino command - you can reuse the code in your script, if that helps:

SetObjectNotes.py (738 Bytes)


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Thank you! Solved the problem.

Thank you! Solved the problem. The script was helpful.