RhinoOSX crashes when opening multiple files

The current build of RhinOSX has crashed multiple times when opening more than one file. I also don’t seem to be able to access the similar posts in the blue square appearing above, so this might be a redundant issue.

Actually, it is simply the Open command that crashes the program. I haven’t even chosen a file to open.

Same here. I thought it was the size of one of my files but no, it is simply the Open… menu that crashes Rhino.

The Open file dialog had a new accessory panel added in the 2014-06-23 WIP, and that accessory panel crashes inside OS X 10.7.5. Works fine in later OS X versions. In the next WIP release, the accessory panel won’t be added to the Open panel when running 10.7.5.

This accessory panel lets you filter what input files are available in the Open dialog, and also lets you access the import options for a particular file type. The latter is useful if you checked one of the “Don’t show this import options dialog again”. If you check one of those checkboxes in 10.7.5, your only options will be to erase your preferences, or upgrade to a better version of OS X.

Thanks. If I open a file from Finder, outside of Rhino, it doesn’t crash. I look forward to the next release.