RhinoInside - how

Hello guys,

unfortunately, I have to raise few question regarding the RhinoInside. My goal is to create a Excel add-in which update opened Rhino/GH file and recompute few components or open Rhino/GH and visibly manipulate it.

After few days of tries and errors I discovered two possible ways.

  • RhinoInterface, leading to com object.

  • RhinoInside, which should be new tool to implement Rhino and GH to third party softwares. Without RhinoInside implementation into code, I cannot use all parts of RhinoCommon as some parts of rhinocommon_c library cannot be loaded.

Probably leading to similar class which should be able to manipulate Rhino and GH files.

Unfotunately, I am not able to put my code into operation. I cope with following problems.

  • I am not able to connect to open document. I can open opened document with C# but any changes (disabling solver) are not shown in my opened document. I think my code open document for second type.

  • With RhinoInterface (Com object) I am not able to cast Com object to GH_RhinoScriptInterface class.

So my questions are:

  • Are my suggestions correct?
  • Is my goal possible?
  • If so, what is best way to achieve my goal? RhinoInside? And how?
  • How opened/running rhino files can be connected and manipulated? (I tried many samples from Git but without success).
  • How to use RhinoInsideExcel?

Thank you for your replies and time.