Rhinocommon display conduit in grasshopper c#

I am developing grasshopper plugin and we all know, grasshopper has it’s own display conduit.
But I will have to represent some “framing” and “rotation axis”, by rhino common display conduit. It looks perfect and work. But when I am changing the parameters, it is giving trail of previous positions of my “custom display rotation axis”

How can I use
inside grasshopper component c# code ?

so every time when I change value, it also redraw my part of “rhino common custom display conduit”.

If you are using the regular drawing overrides within components (i.e. DrawViewportWires and DrawViewportMeshes) then you shouldn’t have to redraw the viewports because every solution will, at the end, cause a full redraw. If you need to draw different things (animations, or maybe timers or something) without that requiring new solution, then you do need to call RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc?.Views.Redraw() periodically.

If you’re drawing both current and old preview shapes, that means you’re accumulating them rather than replacing old shapes with new shapes. Can’t tell you what you’re doing wrong in that case without seeing some code. Can you upload something simple that still reproduces the problem?

Thanks David ! Rhino.ActiveDoc.Views.Redraw() worked for now. I have a bigger tool, where I need to dig it elaborately, I am coming back to that in few days.