Rhinoceros 8 /netfx vs fallback to netfx from netcore difference?


I’m resuming the task of implementing a license software system for our plugin.
I already asked you about the problem I have in Rhinoceros 8 in this post.

There is something that I noticed now that I don’t understand regarding the way that .NET Core 7 and .NET Framework 4.8 is managed in Rhino.
It is supposed that by default Rhinoceros is using .NET Core 7 and it is doing a fallback to .NET Framework 4.8 if the plugin is using it.
What I saw if that if I’m running Rhinoceros in the default way I get this error:
“Could not load type ‘System.Security.AccessControl.CryptoKeyAccessRule’ from assembly ‘mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089’.”

But if I starts Rhino with /netfx argument, my license system works well. So, I’m thinking there is some kind of difference if Rhinoceros is started directly using the .NET Framework 4.8 or if it is doing a fallback to .NET Framework 4.8.

Please, could you provide some light on this?

Thank you in advance!

The way I understand it is you can switch between runtimes with the SetDotNetRuntime command. This will then use the runtime selected when you restart rhino. It is not possible, AFAIK, to let the .net framework runtime fill in the gaps for .net core. You code should ideally run on both runtimes.
You can multi-target your build with the TargetFrameworks property in project file. I use net7.0-windows;net48 to do this.