RhinoCam Api sdk for windows

On the internet I read that there is a sdk api (netframework) for rhinocam. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information about this. Does anyone know where to find the documentation of this api.

As far as I know no guide has been published - haven’t seen anything personally since the item you mention went on the “What’s new” list in 2018. @joe

I just sent in a support ticket including this picture asking about using the API and any documentation. after a few message back and forth they refused to send any documentation on the 2018 API, suggesting first that the API was only in 2020, before admitting that it is no longer supported for any version but 2020. Still awaiting a response, but they seemed to be suggesting that in order to use the API in any capacity would require you to upgrade annually. I am currently looking for alternatives that will have more longevity… I can send the API docs for 2020 if it helps at all.

RhinoCAM API User doc.pdf (428.8 KB) Posting for those that may need it.

Thanks for the api pdf document. I understand that you are not very satisfied with rhinocam and their support and that I should not purchase a rhinocam license. At the moment I have a fusion360 license that also has a cam module, but I am looking for cam software that I can program in C # via an api sdk, so that I can automatically generate gcode.
Which CAM program would you recommend with these features?