Rhino viewport in VR

Is there a good and easy way to view a Rhino viewport on VR goggles? Also, which goggles work the best at this point in time?

I don’t know much about it, but have you seen the Rhino VR plugin on GitHub?

I’ve seen it, but I haven’t seen anything about it lately.

Re-upping this topic for 2023. It seems like hardware offerings have improved somewhat, altough I’m still not seeing much about it on this forum at least.

I’d love to hear from anyone who is currently experiencing their Rhino models in VR at this juncture.

Very interesting.

Would anyone care to conjecture whether the lack of response here is because a) the process has become so simple that I’m clearly a noob and nobody is bothering to respond? Or b) it’s still too difficult for most people to use conveniently.

I’ve been eyeballing this Nvidia Omniverse platform, and it makes some indications that it could help out here, but I’m always skeptical with new technologies that nobody in the Rhino community has really endorsed.

Basically, I’ve been wantng an excuse to buy a pair of VR gogs for years so I can get a closer experience to a finished product in the hand, but so far the case hasn’t been made.

There is a plethora of 3rd party VR apps that can import Rhino, with more being added weekly it seems. Looking at the features and requirements of each will help narrow down your choices. In this arena any choice is likely to be obsolete in a matter of months though.



Thank you. I think the distinction here is “allows you to import Rhino” vs the ability to view the model as I see it in Rhino, but in 3D, without more than a button click in-between.

I don’t really care about the ability to access modeling tools while in VR, I just want to be able to zoom, pan, spin.

I guess I don’t understand why Rhino can’t output two images the way it can for shutter or red/blue glasses, last time I checked, directly to the two sides of a headset. I’m sure that’s on the headset manufacturers, but srsly.

Wait. Ok. This looks neat, is it pretty much what I’m describing above?

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I’m not finding the .rhp btw, and not about to try to compile it or whatever.

Hi @hanscad these are developer samples only, not finished sample plugins. With Visual Studio you can compile and run the sample code.

Here’s live grasshopper interaction in VR with the Omniverse connector.

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Yes. Ok NOW we’re talking.

This of course is the next step, where one is able to allow remote viewers to see the model independently, in VR, and what I was ultimately hoping for. Nice one, thank you.

I’ll lean on nvidia to help me get it working then.

Its well documented.