VR for Rhino

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How do we make a roadmap towards getting Rhino working in VR? Or at least start the conversation?

The more I use VR the more it feels transformational and basically the future of 3D work.

I imagine it would be a selling point for Rhino if you were ahead of the curve on this, considering the price point is within grasp for casual users.

Maybe we need to work on getting Rhino really usable in just the perspective viewport and then the VR stuff would follow pretty easily. I think the single thing that would make everything else fall into place is basically a temporary cplane. If you could create a cplane based on selecting something (point, vertex, end, int, near, or surface) and then run your command. And then the next thing obviously getting away from the keyboard-oriented command input method. But that’s just UI stuff and although difficult to get right, is straightforward conceptually.

Hi Ryan.
Have you seen the Autodesk VRED product line.
It has been developed over a period now and is most impressive.

Have you tried OneView in the WIP (or the AutoCPlane script in RH5)? It gives you access to the standard CPlanes (Top, Right, Front) in the perspective viewport.