Rhino User Meeting - Milan

Good morning everyone,
I am glad to invite you all to participate at the event on Saturday, June 11th at the NABA University, Milan.
It will be an opportunity to meet old friends, make new connections and improve your knowledge of our favourite software.
It’s time to get back in presence and find out how many wonderful things Rhinoceros can do.

We are going to talk a lot about Grasshopper solving also engineering problems with the use of Karamba3D and applying topological optimization for additive manufacturing of lightweight parts.
We will talk about manufacturing with CimSystem’s RhinoNC for multi-axis milling and with Protomolds for rapid mold manufacturing.
3D modeling and rendering will not be missing, with Filippo Garofalo, Italian Vray Mentor who will show us the incredible realtime navigation of fully raytrace environments with Vray Vantage and my lecture on Sub-D modeling.
With the crown of our guest Joshua Kenendy, part of the McNeel development team, who will show the next version of Bongo3, capable of inverse kinematics and simulation of rigid and soft bodies and of the innovations that are being developed in the Rhino version v8.
You can’t miss to see Rhino sketches with constraints like Solidworks!

Participate on person or on-line and for free by registering at the link:

(the event will be hold in double language: Italian and English)