Rhino user in NC looking for tutoring

I am looking for someone to tutor me in person or online. This is a paid job. I am trying to have someone with Rhino experience guide me through a project.
P.M. me for details…

I tried to PM you, but unable to send you PM, for some technical difficulties. Looks like PM is blocked. Not sure why I was not able to send you PM.

I am very interested to teach you online.
I have 8 + years experience. Please let me know what exactly you want to learn or what is your project.

I can teach Rhino and also grasshopper. If required Grasshopper scripting and Rhino Plugin too :slight_smile:

Please email me at code_lab@live.com


I use Rhinoceros 5.0 for my commercial projects. I live in Raleigh, NC

email me aws.jabir@gmail.com and we can setup a time to meet.