Rhino Text - bounding box

It’s a silly small thing but could be really helpful.

When I create text I (more often than not) create a bounding box to then centre the text wherever I’m using it.

It’d be really handy if there was a bounding box option so it punts out the whole shebang in one go.


Hi Andy,

if i understand right, you want text & bounding box created in one go ? You could try this macro inside a button command:

_Text _Pause _SelLast _BoundingBox _Enter _SelLast 


Hi 2DCube - the Cen osnap finds the center of text boundiing boxes - does that work for you?


Hi Pascal, I meant it would be handy it the text command created a bounding box around text when you execute the command

Ha, no way :smile: I really must learn more than curves and extrusions.

_TextObject _Pause _SelLast _BoundingBox _Enter _SelLast

OK, I thought the idea of the BB was to be able to get its center.


Yeah, it was. It’s just a pain to have to keep applying it to text when I’m detailing and trying out different ideas.

I guess I am being dense about the eventual goal - all I meant to point out is that Cen will find the center of text bounding box just from the text, it does not need a separate bounding box to be present.


It seems he uses _TextObject not _Text. But good to know that the Cen snap works this way, never noticed it.


See, I knew I was being dense- thanks.


If I pick some text for dragging and wait a few milliseconds before moving it then Rhino automatically uses the center as start point, even without having cen osnap turned on. I found that sometimes annoying but learned to live with that :wink:

Sorry, it’s the way I posed the question - poorly.