Rhino/Python Commands


I am new to Rhino and Python, and was hoping to understand the limits of how I can change geometry in Rhino using Python. While I was searching for what commands are available I found the following Doc.


Are the commands listed in this doc the extent of what can be done using Python? I noticed that there are some commands in Rhino which are not on this list, one example is the “Twist” command.

Another question I have is there a way to mimic the command line in the python scripts I plan on developing, so that I can have access to all Rhino commands?

Thank you in advance for your help.

-Alec Maxwell

Hi Alec,
Python is a great multi-purpose language and I find it really helpful for scripting Rhino.
You have rs.Command() to do what you are aiming for. Search this forum for examples of usage. Use spaces or _Enter to simulate enter and you can enclose your text in double quotes”” allowing you to use single quotes inside where needed.
There are plenty of resources on the web to learn general python programming. Bear in mind that Rhino uses legacy Ironpython 2.7 not modern Python (3.5+) so make sure you are using appropriate examples. This was generally common until a year or so ago so there are lots of examples.
Happy pythoning!

I also recommend the guide as a very rich resource for understanding Nurbs, Rhino and Python. I keep coming back to it and learning new things.

Rhinoscriptsyntax just calls into rhinocommon as you can see in the source code

Generally speaking with rhinocommon you can do more fancy stuff as you pretty much get the complete package but also it takes longer to write.

As for your question: rhinocommon has a method for twist

Thank you all for the responses. There is a lot of helpful information and resources and I appreciate the help.