Rhino OSX & Metal graphic APIs

Is there any plan for Rhino 5 OSX to take advantage of the next Metal graphic APIs in OSX El Captain over OpenGL APIs? Could they make a difference – especially referring to high-dpi systems (e.g. retina iMac)?

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Metal could definitely make a difference. That said, I don’t foresee this happening in the Rhino 5 for Mac release cycle. We are working hard to modernize our OpenGL pipeline as a first priority. Supporting optimized APIs would be secondary…but no less exciting.

One thing that is exciting - whether or not individual apps utilize Metal in their 3D pipelines - is that Metal should create speed-ups across the board in OS X applications because CoreGraphics is being switched over to Metal.

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Does OpenGL make use of CoreGraphics?

Also, where is the Anti-Aliasing effect coming from? The vendor specific driver (AMD, Nvidia, Intel), or the CoreGraphics? So in other words, is AA always the same on the Mac independent of the video chip?

It’s the other way around: CoreGraphics and Quartz are layered on top of OpenGL (said differently: CoreGraphics makes use of OpenGL). Now - following the thread topic - this is the thing that is changing with Metal.

Which AA effect are you asking about?

If you are asking about AA in the Rhino viewport - which I presume you are - this is rendered by our OpenGL drawing pipeline. At the risk of being a little pedantic: everything is dependent on a vendor’s implementation of OpenGL.

What is the context of this question? I think we might be straying off-topic :wink: