Rhino.ObjectClash support for python

Hi all,

I’ve tried using rs.ObjectClash in python but this command does not appear to be supported.

Is this correct and if so is there an alternative?

I’m trying to select objects in close proximity (or overlapping) to each other.

Does anyone have any ideas?


As far as I know, the ObjectClash method has not been added yet to Python/rhinoscriptsyntax. I do not see anything resembling this in RhinoCommon either…


Thanks Mitch

I’ve added this to our bugtracker so I remember to implement the function

In RhinoCommon, the class that I’ll probably need to use for this is

I was wrong, you could get there using the MeshClash class in RhinoCommon, but that is not exactly how RhinoScript is doing things. It is using a function that is not in RhinoCommon yet.

Thanks Steve

@dave -

We just added Grasshopper Clash component to the Rhino 7 WIP.

Rhino Clash work in progress documentation