Rhino.InsideRevit - Define Opening

Hi All,

With the task I wish to perform, I think it’s will be beneficial to grasp Revit Api. What’s the best way to learn python coding using Revit’s API ??? Below are the tasks I wish to perform

  1. Get all elements model in the active document

  2. Identify all type of opening/void from Revit to Grasshopper to find out the type and host. When I was looking into the Elements in Grasshopper, the different opening as shown below is labelled as ‘Opening Cuts’. Do keep in mind other than openings, I am also dealing with void.


I would start with this tutorial:


Then I would start with this playlist by our very own @eirannejad to learn more about Python in Revit:

I expect it will include some of the routines he has in hi PytRevit add-on for Revit:

I hope that helps.

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I am having a similar issue. There is the “create shaft” user object, however I am looking to create an opening in a wall. I did try editing the code but unfortunately my python is not up to scratch and failed. Has anyone else successfully managed to change this to create a wall opening?

Create Shaft.ghuser (4.4 KB)