Rhino.Inside with .Net 6.0, unit testing on Rhino 8 WIP

I’m wondering if anyone knows if Rhino.Inside is compatible with .Net 6.0 yet.

I did the following, but the tests no longer run after the changes I made.

  1. Used VS2022 to upgrade the Rhino.Inside project to .Net 6.0
  2. Used VS2022 to upgrade the RhinoCommonUnitTesting (GitHub - tmakin/RhinoCommonUnitTesting: Example of unit testing RhinoCommon from within the Visual Studio test runner on windows) project to .Net 6.0
  3. Updated the RhinoCommonUnitTesting project to depend on the upgraded Rhino.Inside

The XUnit tests no longer run successfully, failing at the point where the test fixture attempts to create a new instance of RhinoCore.

_rhinoCore = new Rhino.Runtime.InProcess.RhinoCore(null,