Rhino.inside.revit version error

I would really like to download Rhino.inside.revit version 1.1 or even earlier because the current version does not work on my laptop. However I really cannot find history version of this extension anywhere on the internet. Even the official site for downloading version 1.0 will automatically take it to download the latest version. Could anyone provide a alternative link for history version? Or can the people on Rhino side fix the link? Thanks.

What is the issue with the current version? There are many improvements with every version, ideally we can get your setup going with latest.

Can you provide your current version as well as revit releases you are on as well?

Hi thank s for replying. I am using Rhino7.7 and revit 2022.

From Rhino.Inside.Revit v0.9 the minimum version is Rhino 7.8.21196.5001, plus update your Rhino version and install the latest Rhino.Inside.Revit.